What insurances do you cover?

We participate with several insurances. To find out if yours is one of them please give our office a call. As part of your first appointment we do a FREE complimentary benefits check and will confirm your insurance details.

How long will my first appointment last?

Your first appointment time will vary. Please plan on one and one half hours for the first visit. This allows for us to gather your medical information, do a full mouth x-ray, do a comprehensive exam by the Doctor, a cleaning by the hygienist and if needed a discussion of your custom treatment plan.

What are some symptoms of oral cancer?

Some signs of oral cancer are red or white lesions or spots. These can often and easily go unnoticed as it often starts as very tiny white or red spots in the mouth. They can be found on all areas of the mouth ie: lips, gums, on or under the tongue, the roof of your mouth or your cheeks. An average of 35K Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer a year. Early detection is key to getting effective diagnosis and treatment. We offer oral cancer screening in house that is available for everyone.

How often should I be coming to the dentist?

It’s recommended that you should come in for regular cleanings every 6 months. Some people are scheduled more frequently if they are diagnosed with gum disease.

How often should I brush my teeth?

Technically you should brush your teeth after every meal to remove sugars and disturb the natural biofilm that forms on the tooth. But two times a day minimum. Make sure to brush your tongue. This goes for babies, kids and adults.

How often should I floss?

You should floss every time you brush. Flossing removes the plaque that your toothbrush can not reach.

Why are my gums bleeding?

One of the biggest causes of bleeding gums is the buildup of plaque on your teeth also known as gingivitis. This is an early stage of gum disease. Gingivitis is the only reversible form of gum disease. Which means it’s up to you to stop it with proper oral care.

When should I bring my child in for their first appointment?

It is recommended that you should bring your child in to visit the dentist as early as their first tooth. This way we can ensure healthy development and eruption of their teeth and prevent early age tooth decay.

How often should I change my toothbrush?

You should change your tooth brush every three months OR if it starts showing signs of fraying.

What kind of tooth brush should I have?

Dr. Belén recommends electric toothbrushes ie: Braun (Oral B) and Phillips Sonic Air. Braun rotates and the Sonic Air vibrates. Vibration is better for stain removal. If you chose to have a manual toothbrush it needs to be soft or extra soft. Anything harder can cause damage to your gums.

How hard should I be brushing?

Do not hold your tooth brush with a closed fist. This can lead to applying too much pressure, which can cause recession and irritation. Instead, hold the tooth brush lightly like you would a pen or a pencil, enough so that you still have control of the toothbrush.

Why do I need X-rays?

X-rays are done to take the guess work out of Dentistry. They are as a diagnostic tool to find problems such as cavities, gum disease, infections, locate abscesses, cysts, tumors and developmental abnormalities.

What is Dry Mouth and what can I do about it?

Dry mouth is caused by reduced flow of saliva into the mouth. Certain medications, smoking and some diseases can cause this. If you suffer from dry mouth call us today for some recommendations on how to treat it.

Why do I have to take antibiotics before my dental appointment?

There are certain conditions that require pre-medication with an antibiotic prior to dental treatment. The pre-medication is to prevent adverse effects and possibly infection that can be caused by the bacteria in your mouth that enters your blood stream during certain treatments. If you have further questions contact your primary care physician or give our office a call.

What’s the timeframe for an implant?

After the initial placement of the implant, six months is needed for proper healing. After that six months, the patient will return to take an impression (create a 3D model for the lab to fabricate the final tooth). After 3 weeks, the patient comes back again for the insert of the permanent crown on the implant. An extra three months is needed prior to implant placement if the tooth needed to be extracted.

How fast can I get an appointment?

We are always taking new patients. The best way to book an appointment is thru this link here or to call us directly at 315-724-3768.